What Are The Advantages And The Disadvantages Of Healthy Food?

I am doing a Healthy and Unhealthy food poster. I need to know the advantages and the disadvantages of healthy food…
Also i need to know the advantages and the disadvantages of Junk food?
(It is a weird question i know)..



It would be interesting for you to come up with something original, right?
Everybody here is going to say that “healthy” food is good and junk food is bad. Yeah, thanks we all know that, this is why it is called “healthy” food. However, for my own personal experience, I can tell you that a lot of people out there (me included!) find some of the generally thought of “healthy” food bad for them!
I am talking about food intoleraces, which are becoming more and more widely spread,
As an example, they say that you should eat 5 portions of food and veg in a day. Well, for people with intolerance to fructose (the sugar in fruits), all sort of fruits (a part from a small amount of banana) give a bad reaction! Same is true if someone if lactose intolerant and eats dairy products, which are supposed to be good for calcium intake and other vitamins…
So, you could spin the “disadvantages” of healthy food around this argument… I think it would give your poster an interesting insight.
Just a thought

A:    Healthy food advantages-
Can lower risks of diseases and cancers
Help you keep active providing energy
Aid in restful sleep
Keep you relaxed
Prevent you from becoming obese
Can make you live longer
Healthy disadvantages-
Usually more expensive
Harder to make meals out of
Quite boring and repetitive
Junk advan.-
Cheaper to buy
Easier to make meals out of
Widely available
Suppress cravings
Junk disad.-
Can cause obesity
Can cause heart problems
Can rot your teeth
Provide many calories with little nutritional value
Raise your blood pressure because of salt, and therefore make it more likely for you to have a heart attack
A:   Advantages of healthy food:
bundles of energy
rarely get sick (strengthens immune system)
satisfies you for hours
keeps you lean for life
difficult to maintain a healthy diet with all the junk out there (not to mention time constraints on most people), but advantages far outweigh the disadvantages
Junk food advantages:
sinfully delicious
small burst of energy
puts on weight quickly
low nutritional value
blood sugar rises and falls very quickly
not satisfying
filled with trans fat, saturated fat, sugar, and salt in unhealthy portions

A:   Healthy food makes you feel better and you can also eat less to feel satisfied.
However, it seems like there is not much healthy food that can be prepared quickly or without a lot of forethought.
To me eating healthy food is a personal choice that you make. You even have to pay more for it so you do have to think about spending the money if you don’t prepare it yourself. Eating junk food is cheaper so it’s easy to just do it without thinking. It is for when you want to be comforted- you don’t have to think much to buy a hamburger or taco.
A:   The advantages of healthy food are : good muscle, good metabolism, weight maintenance, healthy skin, teeth and gums, good eyesight, healthy bones and a healthy brain.
The disadvantages of healthy food are: Not everyone can afford them nowadays and they are not always accessible.
The advantages of junk food are : They are readily accessible in any area of any neighborhood, they are filling and they are cheap
The disadvantages are : clogged arteries, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, rotten teeth, bad breath, a sluggish brain, risk of heart attack, and stomach problems, not to mention obesity.
A:    Healthy food is better in the long run, but can get annoying and blatantly without variation. Junk food is cheaper, random and easier to make a meal out of, but worst for eating in the long run.
here’s advice from your neighborhood friendly Immortal ninja!
A:   The space program diet is probably the best documented diet. In that diet how much fiber is incorporated into the meals? Fiber helps to release some of the nutrients more slowly, hence energy can be prolonged. Marathon Runners need this type of diet and so often a high complex carbohydrate diet is used before a race.
What is not known exactly is how vitamins should be distributed in your diet. Vitamin C is not fat soluable so a daily diet with vitamin C is necessary (but excess is secreted)
Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin which humans can manufacture if they get enough sunlight.People who dwell indoors should have this vitamin supplementing their diet.
Whole grain diets can supply some of the vitamin B complex but if your diet consists of white flour products that are not enhanced with vitamin B then it is necessary to have this vitamin supplemented. Stress and excess sugar consumption will increase the body need for vitamin B.
How much meat is necessary in one’s diet? One diet for a normal sized person claims that it should fit in the size of your palm.
Vegetables and fruits have roughage and some cancer protecting ability. Unfortunately some pollutants may also be present, thus some diets emphasize having it to be as organic(pesticides and pollution free) as possible.
Living near the ocean has its advantages. Sea food have no problem in providing the necessary Iodine necessary for all life. If a person lives far from the ocean and consume very little seafood they might need to supplement their diet with Iodine.
I covered the main points of a healthy diet, but certain life styles , location (weather and nearness to oceans) and cultural habits will also influence the basic health pattern diet.


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