Is Pizza Considered Healthy Food Or Junk Food?

Cheese, Tomato and bread are the main ingredients. So is it considered junk food?

A:           Pizza can be healthy or considered as junk food/unhealthy depending on a few factors including where the pizza came from and how it was made. Some restaurants have healthy pizza options on their menu while fast food restaurants or convenience pizza stores list basic pizza options but may not prepare them in a manner that brings healthy results.
Toppings are another issue when trying to figure out if pizza is healthy or junk food because you can get a pizza with grilled vegetables and feta cheese on top without tomato sauce or minimal tomato sauce and it would likely be healthier than those “Supreme” topping pizza that they sell at pizza restaurants which include Pepperoni, Sausage, Peppers, Onions and probably even meatballs and bacon at some locations. This coupled with all of that mozzarella cheese plus tons of tomato sauce does not make it healthy.
You could make your own pizza with a wheat or multi-gran based dough, fresh tomato sauce from Whole Foods and some low-fat mozzarella cheese or skip the cheese and add veggies of your choice.

A:             It is Junk Food due to the high fat, carb and sugar content . If you want to try and minimise the unhealthyness of it go for a thin crust and keep away from extra cheese and ask the pizza shop not to paste it in oil. Oh , and keep the toppings light too always eating at least 3 hrs before bed so you have time to digest better .
Happy eating

A:                Depends on how the pizza is made. Traditional Italian pizza is very healthy, it is made with a very thin base, a drizzle of olive oil and toppings like tomato and olives. If any cheese is used, it is normally mozzarella and is used very sparingly. However – fast food, American pizza restaurants like Pizza Hut are very unhealthy, the bread is much more fattening and it is loaded with cheeses and saturated fat.

A:             Like most foods, eaten in reasonable quantitiea and purchased from a reliable source, it is a good healthy food. It will provide good amounts of calcium, potassium, lycopene and protein amonst other things. It is only considered ‘Junk Food’ when eaten to the exclusion of other foods.

A:                absolutely total junk food. The cheese is full of animal fat. If it’s a frozen pizza then it’ll also be really bad quality cheese. Again if it’s a frozen or takeaway pizza the tomato topping will contain salt and oil, and other items such as MSG. The bread is a highly fatty mixture to make it crisp in the oven and also contains salt. The flour would be highly refined and so your body would break this down and convert it directly into sugar. So it’s really really bad. And I would argue that fish and chips would be better for you – at least you get some quality fish meat from it, even though it’s fried!
The exception is if you make it yourself, or if you get a really well made traditional one like you might find in italy. Then you can make a really thin base and put quality ingredients on it.

A:              It all depends on what you put on your Pizza For example if you want it with :
Veggies with a little bit of pepperonis then its “Healthy Food”
Now if you add a lot of pepperonis with meatballs and lots of meat on it then it is “Junk Food”

A:               the best of junk food not because i like it but it has the least of sources frying and if you are like me i like only the veges pizza so it is concerted to be good junk food ignoring the cola of course

A:          The pizza crust and the cheese can be rather oily or fattening. The rest of the ingredients are generally healthy

A:               Well if you get a pizza in italy for instance, it’ll be relatively ok.. from pizza hut or dominos is another question.. They contain like 2000 calories which is basically a days allowance. They have fats and oils in them that the body struggles to break down and the toppings i.e. the ham, beef etc are just terrible, they are the cheapest meats available on the market.. So, junk food

A:            All depends, if you are thin etc, healthy eat some more and put on some meat, however if your look like me, give warmth in winter and shade in summer, junk food deluxe

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