How will I know if my baby is healthy and alive in my womb?

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Question: How will I know if my baby is healthy and alive in my womb?

I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and I worry all the time if my baby is healthy and living. I only go to the doctors once every 4-6 weeks and so far everything is good. But would I know if something is wrong with my baby?


Answer by Kaylei Brooke’s mama:)
u may not be far enough along to feel ur baby move, but as long as he is active then u shouldnt worry. When u get further along ur doc can do a ultrasound to check on him if u havent felt him move in 24 hours.

Answer by Cari J
I was married for 10 yrs. before I ever got pregnant so when it happened I was a wreck I worried everyday that he was dead it was awful so I rented a heartbeat thingy that they use in the doctor’s office it really helped me feel better, I used it everyday and it was to me, worth the cost. I believe it was or something like that
the ones you buy at the store don’t work as good as the hospital kind you can rent

Answer by mrs.mummy
you can buy a baby fetal heart monitor and ultrasound gel to enhance the sound – the good ones work from 12 weeks. i bought my one at 12weeks and could here the heartbeat – i used it so many times to put my mind at risk that she was ok – and it was only about £25 to buy and used it from 12weeks to 41weeks of pregnancy lol

also obviously when your abit further along you will feel the baby kicking which also shows theyre alive and well x

Answer by ᵴᴏᴘӊіᴇ’ᵴ ᴍᴜᴍᴇᴇᴇ ♥14ᴡ5ᴅ♥
Until you start feeling movement, you will never be truly satisfied. which could be starting anywhere from now.

I felt flutters at 17w, then kicks at 19w, and my partner felt it on my tummy at 21w – that was my 1st pregnancy.

All you can do is report anything you feel isnt right (pain, bloody discharge…), take your pre-natal vitamins, and eat a good diet (or try to).

Try not to worry, good luck!

Answer by Civ’s Wifey
you should start feeling your baby move soon! around the 16th week is when they become totally dependent on the umbilical cord supply. you just have to be patient and realize chances are , everythings okay. once you realy feel your baby moving around, be sure to check that he is moving everyday. shake your belly a little bit and that should get him moving. dont hesitate to contact the dr. if something feels wrong. that is their job, to take care of you and make sure all is well. congrats!

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